July 06, 2005

Green Light to General Elections 2005

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After much debate, the Bolivian Senate approved the two last hurdles to hold general elections in December 2005, and thus, totally renew the leadership of Bolivia.

Yesterday, the Senate passed two laws, which reform articles 93 and 109 of the Constitution. Article 93's reform gives green light to hold general elections, i.e. elect president, vice-president and members of congress. The reform of article 109 gives green light to the election of Prefects, who up to now, were appointed by the president.

According to the different rules governing elections in Bolivia, the specific date in which the elections will be held is the first Sunday of December. However, it is more likely to be on December 11 because of the 150 day period estipulated by the Electoral Code.

So it looks like it is very likely that the 2005 General Elections in Bolivia will be held on December 11, 2005. There ya have it!