July 12, 2005

Flicker: A Repository of Images of Bolivia

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In tha last six months, Flickr has become a treasure box for any one who wants to experience Bolivia's nature, society, politics, idiosyncracies, culture, etc., etc., etc.

With the use of tags, Flickr, the online photo sharing website, has made it easier for anybody interested in Bolivia to be able to either share or just take a look at images from people who keep their images in Flickr.

I you want to just take a look how Bolivia looks before taking a wild leap and going there, you just have to visit Flickr's Bolivia tag and browse through a gigantic selection of images that show many aspects of Bolivia.

I have been amazed yesterday with some pictures of the tropics. It took me right back to a trip me and my highschool class made to the tropics north of La Paz to help open roads to connect many isolated villages around there.

The images are amazing! Take a look.