July 01, 2005

A Bit of US News

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This post is a mixture of two stories which caught my attention in the US news section in Yahoo and the New York Times.

Well, it looks like President Bush will indeed get the shot to nominate people to the Supreme Court. The first chance he is getting comes from Justice O'Connor, who just announced she is retiring from the bench.

The GOP has already expressed its desire for the nominations process to be swift and painless. I just have to think that the reality is, the process will be anything but swift and painless. Also, the two camps, conservative and liberal, are already preparing for movilizations. Interest groups from the two camps have jumped into action. This is an important time because Justice O'Connor was a swing vote for many important decisions.

There is already a list of possible nominees. Most of them have a record of being, at least in principle, against Roe v. Wade. The possibility that Roe v. Wade decision be overtuned is becoming more real.

In other more entertaining news, take a look at the crazy stunt these guys pulled off. This, so called, Improv Everywhere group of people staged a fake U2 concert on the top of a New York appartment building. According to their own account, which is impressive because of all the fun pictures they collected, it was a massive logistical stunt which involved hundred and some people. What I liked the most were the tons of picures. One in particular, that of Sven, who is seen on a roof top exhilarated because he is seen U2 play. Of course, he doesn't know it fake.