June 27, 2005

Sorry for the Silence

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Sorry to all for the silence. I a currently having technical problems with my commenting service Haloscan. They seem to have disappeared from the ether of cyberspace.

I have been having problems since a few months now. It seems there is a limit to the amount of comments stored for one account. Now, after about two years of using this service, the old comments are being replaced by the new ones.

It is kind of sad for me because I kind of liked Haloscan. The backtrack feature was cool. But, now I am temporarily replacing Haloscan for the commenting service of Blogger, since my page cannot be loaded properly.

The only problem is that comments from Blogger don't seem to be working well either.

I ask for a bit of patience while I work this nuisance out.

Update: Blogger comments are only working for the new posts. The older posts seem to be stuck without comments. I am not sure why that is, but I'll look into it.


Miguel said...

Ok, I am trying to comment and it's only working for the newer posts. I am thinking only one thing, It had to be blogger!

Uptown Ruler said...

we dig what you do, and have added you to our world blogs, blogroll, keep up the good work!

Miguel said...

Thank you. I'll link you too.