June 09, 2005

Round Up of News

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Bolivia is capitulating. There is a major movilization to stop the election of Hormando Vaca Diez to the presidency. It is spreading all over the territoy. Protests and marches have started even in Santa Cruz, which was relatively free of problems. The following news bits are between 5 and 7 pm, Bolivian time.

In Cochabamba a march ends up in a Town Hall meeting, which decides to continue fighting for the nationalization of hydrocarbons and stopping Vaca Diez from taking over office.

The road Santa Cruz-Trinidad is being militarized because a group of the UCJ (a paramilitary like group mainly made up by young crucenos) has gathered there to unblock the road using force. The military troops from the 8th division will pretty much militarize the city. The division commander has said that they are in a high state of alert.

Transport workers, federation of street vendors and other social movements are marching in the city of Santa Cruz to invoke peace and reject the election of Hormando Vaca Diez.

The bishop of Santa Cruz has called for people to pray for a peaceful solution to the crisis. Many crucenos have gathered at churches and kneeling are praying for peace.

In various cities of Cochabamba (45 municipalities), Oruro, La Paz and El Alto, the Mayors have started simultaneous hunger strikes in rejection to the possible election of Mr Vaca Diez and Mr Cossio. Most favor the election of Mr Rodriguez, who, once in office, must call to elections.

In Sucre, where the Congress session is supposed to meet, there is chaos. Some of the members of parliament are disoriented and were seen walking here and there. Meanwhile, thousands of miners from Oruro and Potosi have arrived in Sucre to stop the election of Vaca Diez. They are taking over the city and have even decided to take over the access road to the airport so the legislators have trouble leaving.

The NFR faction has expressed they will not be part of any coalition backing Mr Vaca Diez. They are in favor of Rodriguez's election and general elections.

One 51 year old miner was shot in a confrontation with the military in Yotala, Sucre (18 km from the city), once again the military. According to witneses, several buses transporting miners in to Sucre, passed through a check point when the confrontations started. No clear information as to the circumstances. The government (Mesa) has rapidly denied having order the shootings. Mesa has ordered a thorough investigation.

Just heard that the session Congress was supposed to hold was cancelled. Many congressmen have complained that Mr Vaca Diez is unwilling to give in to the protestors and resign his post.

The streets of Sucre have turned into battle grounds between miners and security forces. Severe confrontations with dinamite sticks and tear gas are the rule.

What is left now is for Mr Vaca Diez to call for another session.

The social movements, the many federations, unions and even majors of cities are digging in their heels and demanding Vaca Diez's resignation.

For an account on how is it going in La Paz read what Alexey's friend wrote from Bolivia.

There is only one thing on the lips of protestors, just in case you overlooked it. ;-) The resignation of Vaca Diez!

Stay tuned, this is getting worst before it gets bad!

Source: Erbol