June 07, 2005

The Resignation of Carlos Mesa

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Bolivian President Carlos Mesa resigned yesterday, June 6, 2005. Through an already usual television speech, President Mesa, offered his resignation to the Bolivian people and thus submitted it for Congress' consideration. (yahoo) The resignation is most likely to be accepted by a Congress which of late had been critical of Mr Mesa. The resignation comes on the back of the Catholic Church's attempt to pacify the moods by bringing together the different players. It is in these talks that Congress, in the voices of Vaca Diez and Cossio (MNR), the Deputy Chamber's president, voiced their intention to accept Mesa's resignation, if he were to resign.

However, this does not offer hope for peace since the next in line to assume power is Mr Hormando Vaca Diez (MIR), Senate president. Mr Vaca Diez, a Santa Cruz native, has gained the hatred of protestors because he is identified with the groups in Santa Cruz seeking autonomy.

What needs to happen next is for Congress to meet and consider Mr Mesa's resignation. Before that happens, intense negotiations must already be going on to pick the successor. In this, Evo Morales will be largely influencial.

As for the protests, alteno leaders have expressed that they will not stop until the energy industry is totally nationalized and the Constituent Assembly meets to construct the country they want.

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