June 08, 2005

News Update

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At 1800 hours Bolivian time, the latest news concentrate on who will succeed President Mesa.

The two traditonal political parties, MIR and MNR, are coming to an accord to accept the resignation of Mr Mesa and go ahead with the elevation of Mr Vaca Diez from president of the Senate to President of Bolivia, as the constitution mandates it. Various members of MIR have said they are working towards that end. However, contradictions within that party have come out in the shape of commentaries by the congress woman Erika Brokman saying that there is a faction in MIR that does not back up Vaca Diez as president.

On the other side, Evo Morales, leader of MAS, has expressed his rejection to the possible succession of Mesa by Vaca Diez. Morales, who surprisingly praised Mesa's honesty, says that Vaca Diez is also part of the problem, as well as Mr Cossio, president of the Chamber of Deputies. Evo says that his party will not accept that decision and that in the case it is carried out in spite his rejection, that would only make things worst. In essence, the slow strangulation of Bolivia will continue on until there is an acceptable candidate to succeed Mr Mesa.

Meanwhile, confrontations continue in the center of La Paz. Latest reports cite dozens of wounded, among them three elderly citizens and one miner who lost his hand due to a detonation of his dinamite stick. Additionally, the mayor of La Paz, has expressed in a press report that the pick up of trash is not possible due to the roadblocks and the shortage of diesel. Also, Santa Cruz, the city defended by the Union Juvenil Crucenista, is also starting to feel the pressure of the roadblocks. Slowly, prices are starting to be raised and shortages of gasonline and diesel as well food are being felt.