June 30, 2005

GSL Speaks Out

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In a TV interview, on June 29 by the Bolivian ATB network, ousted president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (GSL), gave his version of what happened in October 2003 and made some predictions about Evo Morales' political future.

According to GSL, there was a coordinated effort to oust him from office. The former president, stopped short of accusing coca grower's union and Movement Towards Socialism leader, Evo Morales, Veneuelan President Hugo Chavez, drug traffickers, Movimiento Indigena Pachakuti leader, Felipe Quispe and others, of orgainzing and financing the protests which resulted on his ousting. According to GSL, these people did not want him to finish his term because they did not liked where he was taking the country.

He also talked about his deep trust in Carlos Mesa, whom he thinks in the end was not loyal. As a result of Mesa's non-violence approach, GSL said that his government (Mesa's) left the country more divided than ever.

He also talked about the failures or weakneses of the Bolivian presidential system. He said that if Bolivia would have had a parliamentary system (like in many European countries) the problems his government faced would have been better resolved.

GSL also predicted that Evo Morales would not reach a significant place in the upcoming elections.

These comments come at a critical time when Congress is debating how to implement the current president's mandate of calling to general elections.

Bolivian politics get more interesting by the day.