June 23, 2005

Fitting and Funny Comic Strip

First things first, to see the image better click on it. For those using Firefox, the cursor will turn into a zoom in cursor and for those using IE, just leave the cursor on the image and a button will appear, click on it and the image will get enlarged. And no, I don't mean to patronize you (for those who know that already) I just want to make sure everybody gets to see the image in large and gets to read the text.

The translation is as follows:

1. Everybody knows the country's future depends on how the politic situation gets resolved.

2. And given that this time the situation does not permit mistakes, I have made a conscientious, exhaustive and complete analysis of each and everone of the men being protagonists, those who have been protagonists and those who will be protagonists in the national political arena.

3. I have studied conducts, deep-searched careers, wighted records.

4. Compared minds, examined resumes, contemplated skills.

5. thinking......

6. And I want my Momi to govern!

Thanks to Del Quintacho su rincon's good humor I found this very funny and fitting (to the current Bolivian situation) commic strip. According to del Quintacho, the author is Quino, one of the best comic strip authors in the world (in my oppinion). Enjoy it!