June 02, 2005

Bolivia Links

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This is a quick post, mainly linking to two interesting posts. The first one is to Ciao!'s Flickr image album. This image shows in how many ways Bolivia is being gradually shut down. The image shows the map of Bolivia with all the major roads connecting major cities and where the roadblocks are located. One can pretty much see that it is progressing in the direction from south-east to north-west. Much like cancer progresess throughout the body, shutting down organs, these roadblocks are spreading all throughout Bolivia, shutting down major cities. Let's hope it doesn't get to the point where the cancer kills the patient.

The next link goes to Barrio Flores. Eduardo posted an excerpt of yesterday's State Department briefing. It is interesting to read the comments of State about the situation in Bolivia and the position of the US government on the demands of the nationalization of the hydrocarbons.

Enjoy the links.