May 26, 2005

Santa Cruz's Civic Committee is Using Bribes to Gain Supporters

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A report in today's edition of the newspaper El Diario, which by the way I find it to be a bit too sympathetic to the nationalization cause, says that the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz is bribing the citizens in Santa Cruz city with food stuff and money in exchange for their support to the autonomic referendum. This was denounced by the civic organizations in El Alto, primarily FEJUVE.

That is morally wrong, I say. However, that is the way things are done. Let's look at FEJUVE itself. Since they don't have money to give out, like their counterparts in Santa Cruz, they have to rely on coercion to gain their supporters. For months now there have been so many reports that the "thugs" in the FEJUVE, every time there is a march or protest, they go around and force every small business owner to join or else get closed or even vandalized. Moreover, at the end of every march, there are control cards handed out to those members of unions, civic groups, small business owners. If these do not present that control card of attendance later, they get closed or have to pay a hefty fine. The citizens are forced to attend those marches by way of their local governments. These also hand out some sort of control cards. The cards are used as ID to do any bureaucratic paper work the citizen might need to do.

Both organizations are manipulating the citizenry to their own ends. Is that right? No, but that's just the way it's working. The Santa Cruz committee just as well as the El Alto FEJUVE are taking advantage of the citizen. The finny thing is that the FEJUVE has the audacity, with a straight face, to denounce what the people in Santa Cruz are doing. That I find ironic.

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