May 31, 2005

Musical Meme

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As I visited my good blogger friend Almada de Noche, I found myself the recipient of what he called a meme. As I was given the task and is kind of fun, I will follow the chain.

Here we go:

Who gave it to me: Almada de Noche

Total volume of music files in my PC: I am not sure I want to share this info online. :-D But, here we go - 2gb.

Last CD I bought: Sevillanas: Pa'l Rocio. I bought this in Nerja, Spain.

Which song I'm currently listening (over and over again): U2 - All because of you.

Five songs I listen all the time and have some significance for me:

Since I cannot do this, because I have just a diverse music taste, I will list the songs I have been listening lately.

1. U2 - All because of you.
2. U2 - Vertigo.
3. Luis Miguel - Amarte es un placer.
4. Queen - Bohemian rapsody.
5. Carlos Gardel - Adios muchachos.

Five people to which I pass the task:

1. Barrio Flores
2. Ciao!
3. Motivando
4. Open Veins
5. Revision de todo un poco

Let's see who decides to do it. I thought it was fun, but at the same time very hard. It was hard to decide about the songs I listened more and have significance for me. Just to clarify, there are just too many songs which have some significance for me. I could not even attempt to pick only five.