May 29, 2005

How Can THEY Be So Blind?

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How can they (the Patriots at FEJUVE) be so blind and not see the consequences of their actions? Are they supposed to be fighting for Bolivia?

According to a report in El Diario, many small enterprises, operating in El Alto, are on the verge of closing their doors. According to the report, the federation of small eterprises in El Alto has said that in the next days there is the possibility that a firm with 1200 workers close its doors because it cannot meet its obligations any more. The road blockades are devastating for this sector, which has to transport its products for export through the same blocked roads.

Moreover, this campaign by FEJUVE can potentially cost about 6000 people their jobs. The sector generates around 17000 jobs in El Alto. Many of these people don't even want to be there. They just get pressured to stop working, show up to the marches or demonstrations, and so on.

These are the real effects of the strikes and roadblockades. The government does not feel much. The people in El Alto are starting to see such effects. Let's hope they open their eyes wider and stop being so intransigent.