May 13, 2005

A Detail of Who Will Attend Mesa's Summit

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Below is a detail of who'll join Mesa in the National Summit, who will be absent and who is thinking about attending.

Note: Sorry, you have to scroll down to see the table. I have no idea why there is so much space in between. If anyone wants to help, I will appreciate it. Thanks.

Parties who declined to go

Hormando Vaca Diez (Senate President)
The Executive's observations are not recognized by the law and the summit is seen as impromptu

Mario Cossio (Deputy Chamber's President)
Same reason

18 congressmen from various parties
Same reason

Willman Durán (Constitutional Tribunal President)
His function is not political

Mirtha Quevedo (MNR)
Rejects as illegal and "authoritarian" Mesa's actions

Jaime Paz Zamora (MIR)

Branco Marincovik (CEPSC)
President wants to intall a "corporation dictatorship" to decide for the country

Gabriel Dabdoub (CAINCO)
Thinks Mesa wants Constituent Assembly before anything else

Parties who accepted the invitation
Eduardo Rodriguez Beltzé (Supreme Court President)
Wants to guarantee peace

Samuel Doria Medina (UN)
Thinks if dialog fails, Mesa would have to leave office

Roberto Mustafá (CEPB)
Bolivian private sector (excluding Santa Cruz) say they want to talk

Juan del Granado (MSM)(La Paz Mayor)
Wants to go even though he thinks meeting is discriminatory and unbalanced

Gonzalo Terceros (Cochabamba Mayor)
Criticizes the parties who declined

José Luis Parades (PP)(El Alto Mayor)
Wants to lobby for the elimination of articles 5 and 57 from the Hydrocarbons Law

Indigenous organizations (Cidob and CSUTCB)
Want to talk, but maintain movilization

Mauro Bertero (ADN)
Believes in dialog

Felipe Quispe (MIP)
Dialog with movilizations

Those who want to attend, but with conditions
Evo Morales (MAS)
Will attend only if Mesa invites all social sectors

Santa Cruz Committee
Want the exclusion from the agenda the autonomic referendum and election of prefects

Those who are still thinking about attending
Jorge Quiroga R.(ADN)
Wants to know details of Summit

Manfred Reyes Villa (NFR)
Will decide today

Potosí civic org
Still thinking if the summit will be useful

Main source: La Razón