April 21, 2005

How About Ecuador

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How about Ecuador. And you thought Bolivia was chaotic. In a matter of days the thing got really hot.

The result is that Ecuador has now a new president, Mr. Palacio, who was elected in the midst of chaos. The Ecuadorian Congress, apparently, met in an auditorium in the outskirts of Quito. There is when the opposition (PSC, ID and Pachakutik) together with independents ousted the president of Congress, ousted Gutierrez and elected his vice-president as new President of Ecuador (the 11th since 1996). How about that.

The most interesting thing is that the reason why everything turned black, all of the sudden, Abdala Bucaram, leader of PRE and ousted president for reasons of "mental incapacity", returned to exile. He had recently returned to Ecuador after the president of the Supreme Court, Mr. Castro (member of PRE), annulled the criminal charges of corruption and inaptitude brought against him by prosecutors. In a rally in Guayaquil called by supporters he said "I come back stronger and crazier that ever".

Now, who knows what will happen in Ecuador. There might be new elections or yet another Constituent Assembly. In the mean time you can check publius pundit for excellent coverage on Ecuador and its troubles.