April 03, 2005

Four New Blogs

MABB is a registered TM.

There are four new additions to the list of Bolivian Blogs. You can find the links on the right-bar under Bolivian Blogs.

The blogs are: Mi Bolivia, Open Veins, South America: Bolivia and Motivando.

The first and the last are written by Bolivians. The author of Mi Bolivia has the most amazing photos of interesting places in La Paz. Motivando is from a Bolivian woman who is living in Indonesia. She has very interesting stories about her life in that part of the world.

Open Veins, caught my attention just for the title. Nick makes an interesting analogy between colonial and modern times in Bolivia. In both times, the veins of Bolivia (natural resources) are being exploited for the benefit of others. Ergo the name. Whereas, SA:Bolivia is part of a bigger blog called South America. The author tells us of his adventures living in that region. He's also got excellent photos.

Don't miss them!