April 24, 2005

El Alto as the Center of Conflict: What Comes Ahead

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According to sources from El Alto, what comes ahead is more trouble. The social and civic organizations operating in El Alto have agreed to go ahead with more actions to pressure the central government to nationalize Bolivia's natural resources. Among other things they plan:

  • The Closing Parliament

  • The Occupation of the Gas and Oil fields and refineries

  • The Occupation of office buildings from the energy companies operating in Bolivia

  • Expropriate Sanchez de Lozada's property

  • Take all former presidents to court for transferring Bolivia's natural resources in favor of the energy companies

That is in addition to striking, blocking streets and marching.

All this has been agreed on the April 16 Social Movements Summit where civic and social organizations from eight departments met to coordinate a common policy to, what they say, recover the expropriated resources. This summit was held in the campus of the Autonomic and Public University of El Alto.

It was also agreed the beginning of these pressure tactics was going to begin on May 2, 2005 by the more than 500 El Alto organizations. One day after Worker's Day.

What this spells is more trouble for the government. We might actually see Mesa leaving earlier than we thought so.

As these announcements are routine for organizations like FEFUVE-El Alto, to prepare the field of conflict, one thing is for sure, trouble is not over.