April 15, 2005

Bolivia Images

You know, every time I look at photos of Bolivia, be it streets, landscapes or faces, I wonder amazed at the beauty. Yeah, granted that I might be biased (just might be), but, you have to admit, there is some pretty beautiful nature in that country.

That is why I like to share images of Bolivia. Of course, not all of the images you have seen in this blog over the time I have been online are mine. Some of the most amazing photos are, in fact, not mine.

Every once in a while, I make it a point to share some of these images with you all. Also, know that every image I use has the permision of the author. Well, almost every one. Some authors cannot be reached by email anymore. The majority of the following images I have taken, with permision, from the blog Mi Bolivia. Please pay him a visit, he's got more. Thanks to Gonzalo for letting me use them.