April 28, 2005

About Bolivian Blogs and Other Things

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I have added a few more blogs to the Bolivian Blogs list. And, since the list is getting longer and longer, that is an encouraging sign that blogging is taking off in Bolivia. I also think that it is time for me to, instead of listing any Bolivian blog, start being a little picky. So, from now on, I will tighten the requirements to enter the list.

The basic requirements will sitll be there:

Any blog written by a Bolivian who lives in Bolivia or anywhere else in the world.

Any blog written by a non-Bolivian who is living in Bolivia or writes mainly about Bolivia.

And the blog has to have regular posts, which can be articles, opinions, poems, music, etc. The main thing would be a visitor can read something interesting and decent.

So there you have it. If you know of new Blogs about Bolivia or authored by Bolivians, please let me know, so I can add it to the list.

I thank, many of you who have been telling me about new blogs.

Finally, I also would like say to anyone who wants to get this list for their own blog, to please go ahead and take it. It is compiled under CC licence, much like everything in this blog. BUT, please, please, give some credit where it's due. Mention where you got it. I have seen at least one site who took the list and nada, zip, not a mention of where he got it.