March 06, 2005

Showing off Bolivian Blogs

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I am starting a new feature on my blog. Once every so often, I'd like to showcase new additions to the Bolivian Blogs list or highlight one or more blogs that merit some kind of mention.

On this occasion I want to showcase two new additions to the list. The first blog is "Su Vida..." This is a blog authored by a boliviana who lives in la bella Italia. She gives us a glance of "her life...." through her peppy narrative. This is one of the two blogs listed which are authored by Bolivian women. These blogs, in my opinion, enrich even more the petite Bolivian blogsphere. The other one is the poetic PEDM.

The second blog to highlight is HÅLФ. This blog belongs to H. Alfredo, a self defined cruceno/computer guy who is currently spending some time in Texas, US. His blog shows us bits of his life in Texas through his acute camara lense. His photos are worth a visit.

So, take some time from your busy cyberlives and pay these two blogs a visit. I assure you, you'll come back, over and over.