March 12, 2005

News From the Bolivian Blogsphere

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In the spirit of increasing Bolivia's presence in the Blogsphere, I started a Bolivian Blogs list, which you can see, and visit, on the side bar. This list is full of interesting blogs written by Bolivians or by people living in Bolivia. From this list, I make it a habit to, when needed, highlight Blogs making some news or doing something interesting or some that just catch my attention.

This time I want to tell you about Rolando Lopez's blog, Rocko. It turns out that the BBC in Spanish invited everybody to write a short story about a photo they showed on their "El Espacio del Lector" (Reader's Space) section. The contest is called "Cuentos Cortos a partir de una foto". Rolando stepped up to the challenge and sent in three short stories.

Out of the three, and who knows how many entries a publication like the BBC receives in one of those gimmicks, one of Rolando's short stories got selected as one of the best ten.

Rolando was born in La Paz, Bolivia and currently lives in Spain. Aside from being a real fan from Calvin and Hobbes, he is interested on music, literature and film. He often writes interesting reviews and/or opinions about the stuff he reads, sees or hears. If you read Spanish or are interested on learning by reading something fun, a visit to his blog will definitely pay off. For Spanish speaking people the visit will surely be interesting.

So surf by and leave him a congratulations comment on his achievements.