March 05, 2005

Images of El Alto's Strike

Here are a few images of what happened in El Alto's demonstrations in the last few days. Images, courtesy of the Agencia de Prensa Altena (APA) (El Alto Press Agency).

El Alto is radicalizing its stance to the point of becoming intransigent. It wants the water services company, Aguas del Illimani, immediately out of El Alto. Government officials, private industry personalities, local government officials, among others, are trying to bring El Alto's civic leaders back to reality. They argue that a hybrid water services company would probably solve many of the problems, like the lack of quality, in the company's services. The governments of Germany and Switzerland have said they would probably stop any projects (financial help) if there is no company in charge that meets its requirements.

At this point, I am thinking, why don't these leaders think very carefully about their demands. The major question is whether just to kick-out Aguas del Illimani is to the advantage of the citizens of El Alto and in any case, is it to the advantage to the people of Bolivia.