March 07, 2005

Bolivian Crisis: Headlines Around the World

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Here are the front page headlines Bolivia made around the world today. These articles were on the front page of the print and online newspapers and online news sources such as Yahoo and Google for at least couple of hours.

Latin America

Argentina: "Ante la presión opositora. Bolivia: Mesa presentó su renuncia al Congreso".

Chile: "Mesa oficializa su renuncia ante el Congreso. Chile respeta la decision. Fuerzas Armadas se subordinan a Mesa."

Ecuador: "Mesa presento su renuncia al congreso de Bolivia".

Mexico: "Entrega Mesa renuncia al Congreso boliviano".

Paraguay: "Presidente boliviano anuncia su dimision".

Peru: "Presidente Mesa renuncia cansado de las protestas". "Mesa: "Radicales ponen en riesgo futuro de Bolivia".

Uruguay: "Mesa presento su renuncia al congreso".

Venezuela: "Bolivia polarizada por renuncia del presidente Carlos Mesa".

International press:

BBC: "Bolivia leader quits amid protest".

CNN International: "Bolivian TV: President offers resignation".

Google News: "Boliva's president resigns".

Washington Post: "Bolivia President Offers to Quit as Protest Mount".

New York Times: "Bolivia Leader Offers to Quit Amid Crisis Over Control of Resources".

For the German media the news was not front page material.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "Boliviens Präsident tritt zurück (Bolivian President steps down)".

Die Welt: "Mesa kapituliert vor den Proteststürmen (Mesa capitulates before the protest storm)".

except for Die Zeit it was front page worthy: "Präsident Mesa Tritt Zurück (President steps down)".

Also for the Süddeutsche Zeitung: "Präsident Mesa Dankt ab (President Mesa resigns)

Front page in Le Figaro: "Le président bolivien Carlos Mesa a présenté sa démission".

Front page in Le Monde: "En Bolivie, le président Carlos Mesa soumet sa démission au Parlement"

El Pais de Espana: "El presidente Mesa presenta su dimision al Congreso de Bolivia tras 17 meses de cargo".

I hope you get a round about on the impact of what is going on in Bolivia on the world. Over in Europe, the news are not that important because Bolivia itself is not a priority for the European Union. What is more, the framework in which Bolivia is considered with in the EU is through development aid and together with all the other Latin American countries. Geographically and politically the Latin American region is a far away place from Europe. Nevertheless, there is some interest on the region.