March 11, 2005

Bolivia Decides: Is It 18/32 or 50?

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No matter how busy you are at work or how little time you have, you always have some time to do a little post. That is the beauty of blogging. So I said.

So, what's it going to be? 18/32 or 50. Those seem to be the magic numbers which will determine whether Bolivia, once again, enters in a relative peaceful time or not.

Evo and his allies want, of course, the big fat 50. Although, I have to say, I have a feeling Evo has something else up his sleeve. He doesn't seem to want to compromise or to find a solution to the problems. I think he is aiming at a higher number. How about 100%. He wants it all. He wants the presidency. Why settle for 50 when you can have 100%. I have the impression that Hugo Chavez has been warming his ear telling him how his presidency would look like and how good the sound of "President Evo" sounds.

On the other side, Mesa is fighting so hard for the 18/32 number that he is risking loosing it all, the 18 and the 32 as well. But what choice does he have? He is in a manager's position, between the customer and the boss. He has to make both happy. But alas, he has just decided that dealing with the customers is much easier than with the boss. So, he has come up with his "mano justa" (just hand) slogan to deal with the road blocks. I wish him well. I hope he doesn't end up like GSL.