February 27, 2005

El Alto FEJUVE: Here we go again

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The leadership of the civic organization representing all the neighborhood associations in El Alto, FEJUVE, has decided to implement a general strike indefinitely. The measure, which is aimed to pressure the government to once and for all end the operations of the water services company, Aguas del Illimani, is set to begin on March 2. Some leaders have been in a hunger strike and others have called the population to stop paying their water bills. The altenos are fed up with Aguas del Illimani and want the company out. Right now!

I ask myself, where is this going to end up. When the people can force the government to force private companies out of the country, take politicians to court, change the constitution, force public officials out of office, demand their own governments, etc. Granted some of these demands fall in the category of reform. However, there should be a legal process and not just "bullying".

That is just as a matter of short commentary.