February 15, 2005

Beautiful Bolivian Sights

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Once in a while I will post a special mention on MABB of a blog or site, which deserves a look.

This time I want to direct all of you to Josh Renaud's Amazing Adventures in Bolivia. This site has an excellent collection of photos of Bolivia. Josh is traveling around Bolivia and, most important, is sharing his photos and experiences, with the world.

There are two things I find interesting in his site. One is his collection of photos, which I've already mentioned. The second thing is his sharing of his personal experiences with Bolivian culture. This is, in my opinion, another set of pictures, which show, through words, Bolivian culture in all its complexity. Moreover, it shows how a non-Bolivian sees and experiences the country and its people and deals with the strange customs he gets presented with.

I find Josh's site a good read and a good look!

In addition, I am updating the Bolivian Blogs list, so take a look.