January 12, 2005

Mesa Caves In and The Patriots in El Alto Want More

MABB is a registered TM.

Well, it's official. Aguas del Illimani (AISA) will lose its contract and will be leaving.

Mesa accepted the demands of the Altenos and said the government will cancel AISA's contract. He also promised the Altenos more incentives for El Alto. These include, tax breaks, investment incentives, and compensations for certain groups.

Notwithstanding the government's efforts to stop these demands, the groups in El Alto, led by FEJUVE (Neighborhood Juntas Federation), want more. They are demanding the government issue a decree canceling AISA's contract and that the company leave El Alto, NOW!

Mesa is actually thinking on doing so.

I am not sure how long can the government keep meeting all these demands, just to appease these groups and still have some power to govern.

Let's see if this problem gets deflated. The next one is just around the corner. That is the groups demanding Mesa stepping down as president. Let's see if Mesa is willing to meet this demand.

In my opinion, if pressed long enough, it looks as though, he will.