January 06, 2005

Conflict Update

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El Alto: protagonist again of a new "Gas and Fuel War"?

The different activist organizations in El Alto, which played a protagonist role in the "War of Gas" in 2003, are, once again, readying to stage another war.

The leaders of the Federación de Juntas Vecinales (Fejuve), Federación de Trabajadores Campesinos de La Paz Túpaj Katari (La Paz's Worker's Federation), Cámara de Transporte Pesado de El Alto (Heavy Transport Chamber El Alto), Federación de Transporte Interprovincial (Inter-province Transport Federation), Federación de Gremiales (Small Business Federation), Central Obrera Regional (COR El Alto) y la Organización de Mujeres Campesinas "Bartolina Sisa" (Peasant Women's Organization), announced the signing of a pact, which will start a new war against the Bolivian Government dubbed "Diesel and Water War".

The demands are:

1.- To reverse the high prices of fuel and diesel.

2.- Expulsion of Aguas del Illimani, the water company servicing El Alto. The reason given is: the company's services were deficient in El Alto.

3.- No to the immunity of US citizens.

4.- installation of gas lines to private homes.

5.- Jail for Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada and his cabinet for genocide.

other demands include: The immediate approval of the new Hydrocarbons Law, re-creation of the capitalized state companies (ENTEL, ENFE, YPFB, etc.), the nationalization of the hydrocarbons and threats to unseat the current president Mesa, the same way Sanchez de Lozada was unseated.

Measures to be taken:

Friday Morning: Protest in the streets; road blockades.

Monday, January 10: Indefinite general strike.

Monday, January 17: March on the streets into La Paz. Enclose government building and form a human carpet.