January 24, 2005

Back Online

MABB is a registered TM.

Hi, everybody, it's been a long time. I have been off-line since Friday last week. There was a blockage on the DSL lines in the entire Hamburg region. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Deutsche Telekom for the terrific job they are doing. Really, I am paying lots of €€€€€'s to get top of the line service and they are really delivering.....hm!

Well, now that I am vent out, to better things.

Lots of thanks to El Forastero for including me in his article about Bolivian bitacoras (blogs).

Boy, what a difference two days make. I almost missed the apparent disintegration of the country I was born. Let's see if it comes to that coming next Friday. This is getting really exciting. Will the comite civico push Santa Cruz into a unilateral secession or will they stop short of that? Will the government prostrate to Santa Cruz's feet or will it regain composure and pride and play the ultimate card?

Hold on to your seat, it'll be rocky.