January 13, 2005

Asamblea de la Cruceñidad

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The trouble in El Alto behind him, Mesa now is set to confront his other serious problem, the Asamblea de la Cruceñidad. The cruceños are claiming victory for the success of the 48 hour general strike. However, they are gearing towards radicalization of their demands. It seems "unnamed groups" within the Civic Committee are calling to start autonomic measures and the more radical groups are calling for Mesa's resignation.

I say, if the cruceños want autonomy, let them have it. If they want secession, the government of Bolivia should speed up the process. With brothers like that, who needs enemies. While they're at it, they should start secession talks with El Alto too. ;-) But seriously, the question here is autonomy and not secession, as many are saying.

If you are interested to partake in the debate, I invite you to read two interesting blogs. Arguing the pros and cons of the cruceño argument is Ciao!, and the other side of the coin is argued by Barrio Flores. These two bloggers (Miguel C. and Eduardo) show the two sides of the argument in an interesting light.

Is secession even possible in Bolivia?

Is secession a viable option for Bolivia?

What are the different sectors saying about the problem?

Who is right and who is wrong?

Meanwhile, we have the Bolivian Government trying to establish communication with the leaders of the cruceño Civic Committee. That is, to follow a suggestion by these leaders to create a committee with representatives of all social sectors around Bolivia and come to an accord to (as they say it) "save Bolivia".

On the contrary, in Santa Cruz, it seems that the decisions are already made and the cruceños are getting ready to radicalize their actions and demand the resignation of the whole presidential cabinet, start taking steps to create an autonomous government and keep up the pressure on Mesa.

We'll know after 19:00 hours (local time). That is when the Asamblea de la Cruceñidad is said to start deliberation and thereafter we'll know the official decisions.

As usual, stay tuned!