December 29, 2004

A Brand New Year: 2005

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2004 is come and gone and now we anxioulsy await 2005. What will it bring us? I choose to think it will bring us a mixture of all good and not so good things. However, the good things will outweigh the not so good ones. It's a matter of being optimist or pessimist, I guess. I think, no matter what happens to us, we all end up remembering the good things.

I do have a list of New Year's resolutions, and in this I also choose to be optimist. My list begins with getting in shape. Although, I have already started doing this, there is more that can be done. The next item in the list is to eat healthy. I also think I have slowly started doing this (changing my eating habits), but there are many more things that I could do. An example would be, to stop eating too much salt. And so the list continues with starting an exercise program, jogging and/or walking, etc.

Now that I realize, my list is mainly about getting healthy. Living healthy and increasing the quality of my life is a major goal. After all, one has to be healthy, in order to do all the other resolutions one might have.

Among the other resolutions I have for next year is the continuation of this blog. Since I started it, back in 2003, I have increased my readership little by little, that is encouraging. What encourages me more though, is that one of the goals of this blog is slowly being achieved. Overall information about Bolivia is starting to increase exponentially. I remember when I started surfing the net using Mosaic, back in 1994, I looked right away for information about Bolivia. All I found was the little information available in some American databases and the nodes of ENTEL (Bolivian Telecommunications Company). This lack of information about Bolivia continued up to recently (three of four years ago). Now, there is much more information, but not enough, in my opinion. That is not to say, that because of MABB there is all this information available now. No, the contribution MABB does is small, but important, I think. When people do a search on Bolivian topics, MABB shows up in the search. That is cool in itself, but at the same time it means that more information in English is needed.

Continuing in the spirit of optimism, I know, Bolivia will increase its presence in the information superhighway in 2005. The infrastructure is already there or in the process of being built. There are two hopes that arise from this: First, that the government will utilize this tool to make the administration of Bolivian affairs more transparent, thus increasing legitimacy and credibility. The second is that with the availability of all these technologies, Bolivia will become a more educated country. The hope is that through these technologies, education becomes more accessible to all the citizens of Bolivia. Because only through education will Bolivia be able to rid itself of all its maladies, like corruption and instability.

In essence, next year, MABB will continue to express my opinions and perhaps the opinions of others. I will continue to follow up Bolivian affairs and other aspects of Bolivian culture. I will also continue to follow events in my adoptive country, the US and my new home, the EU.

Wishing all the best to all readers, I say "chao", until next year!