December 04, 2004

Bolivian Elections: Two Days and Counting.

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The Municipal Elections are just two days away and it seems everything is under control. So much, that according to the Electoral Code (Codigo Electoral)and the National Electoral Court (CNE), there are several prohibitions in place 48 hours before the elections.

For instance, it is prohibited to sell or consume alcohol within the national territory. The price can be up to Bs 100.

It is also forbidden to carry any kind of weapon. In addition to losing the weapon, the owner could find himself or herself in prison and pay up to Bs 500.

It is not allowed to drive any kind of vehicle during this period in the national territory. To drive, one has to have a special permit.

Also, it is not allowed to engage in any kind of political campaign. Not obeying this rule can cost Bs 500.

The party representatives and elections delegates are not allowed to show their partisanship with any extravagant or obvious garments. They are only allowed to wear caps and arm-bands.

It is also prohibited to transport voters from one place to another. This violation can cost Bs 500.

And finally, it is prohibited to travel, in any way shape or form, within the national territory. Although, international travel is allowed.

So, the voters, on top of having been bombarded with political slogans, campaigns and propaganda, they have to suffer through thirst, restricted movement within the city and not being able to visit family in other states. What a weekend will this be for Bolivians.