December 19, 2004

Bolivian Congress: The Wheels Slowly Start Turning

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The Bolivian Congress' wheels have slowly started to move. Last Friday (Dec. 17), early in the morning, the Congress finally designated those officials in the Judiciary branch, of which I talked about on this article and on this one. The designations has been in provisional status for just about a decade. However, there is more to be done (as if there isn't always).

After having fulfilled their obligation to the Bolivian people, the Congress decided to take a end-of-year brake. The brake comes after finalizing 60 of the 90 sessions for the 2004 calendar year. Moreover, some newspapers are reporting that the special commissions have not been working at full potential.

The President of the Deputies Chamber, Mario Cossio, has of course, praised the work of Congress and has said the brake is deserved. He also said his chamber has decided to come back earlier next year on January 10 instead of the 17th, because there are important issues to deal with.

If there someone to credit with this historic event, Congress ending the uncertainty in the Judicial branch, I think it must be President Mesa. He was the one who, emboldened by the results of the Referendum and his high approval ratings, surprised the Congress by appointing the officials himself. In essence doing the work of Congress. This way, he applied pressure, which resulted on last Friday's designations.

Now, that doesn't mean I am a supporter of Mesa. I am staying neutral on this president. But, that doesn't mean that I cannot give him credit for this one.