November 23, 2004

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

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This post is purely for entertainment. Nothing to think, just read and laugh. Perhaps learn a bit of American pop culture mixed with urban legends.

Warping through cyberspace I came across the story about Dan Rather, anchorman of CBS Evening News, leaving his seat, which he held more than four decades. I am actually kind of sorry to see him leave. He was a good anchorman. I enjoyed his program. But, the mistake he made with President Bush's medical records was fatal, in my mind.

The funny thing is not that he lost his job, but what happened to him a while ago. Rather has always been a 'rather' colorful personage.

To find out you are going to have to answer the question below by following the links. If you already know the answer, you can leave any comments by clicking the comments link.

What do Dan Rather and REM have in common?

REM and Dan Rather

First clue: the song

Second clue: The incident

The explanations: here, here, and here.

So there. Now you know more than you aver wanted to know about what strange things happen to Dan Rather.