November 01, 2004

Predictions on US Elections.

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If the planets and the stars are aligned and the curses and legends are correct, then all the odds must be given to the New England patriot, who wears red sox and is favored by the redskins.

There are several wild predictions about the presidential elections going around. But, this one folks, is the wildest.

Apparently, sports legends (article)and symbolism are favoring the democratic challenger Kerry to win the oncoming elections.

The story starts on Superbowl XXXVIII. On that day, the New England Patriots won the coveted trophy. Of course, we all know that Sen. Kerry is a New England native, and won the primaries of his party. At this point most superstitious people and the patriots' fans would have been happy to make a coincidence appear more than what it is. Really a coincidence!

However, this late in the race, enthusiasts of this theory have three more reasons to point out. First, they are just too happy to recall one of the biggest upsets in baseball history when the Boston Red Sox (from New England) pulled an incredible come back from a deficit of 3 games to defeat the New York Yankees 4 to 3. The Sox were by far the underdogs due to the so called "Curse of the Bambino", which plagued the team until now. This curse, it is said, began when the Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees back on January 3, 1920. But, seemingly, the team's curse was lifted and they proved to be worthy of the World Series. People, started to pay attention to the eccentrics who were pointing out these coincidences.

The second event that raised eyebrows was the sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals by the Red Sox in the World Series. The final score was 3-0 for the Sox. Not since 1918, the Sox had won a World Series. This proved once and for all that the curse was lifted and the Sox were a team to reckon with. At the same time, this also was a final sign that the stars were in favor of New England. Sen. Kerry, himself was quick to point out the Sox achievement when asked whether his campaign was in trouble. (news)

The third and final event, which for many confirms this theory, is the losing of the Washington Redskins' home game before the elections. This past Sunday, the Skins lost against the Packers, 28-14, which I don't find in any way amusing, since I am a Skins fan. This is relevant because, according to history (here & here), in the last 17 elections, the last home game of the Redskins before the elections has correctly predicted the outcome of the elections. If the Skins win, the party in power stays. If the Skins lose, there is change of power in the White House. This fact, has not only captured the attention of all the proponents of the wild theory. Now, we even have, political commentators such as Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert, talking about it.

So, there you have it. The predictions are made and the bets are on. Who will win the Tuesday elections? It is hard to tell, but at least we have some theories to rely on.