November 03, 2004

Photo Finish US Elections

MABB is a registered TM.

This is an incredible race, worthy of a photo finish. Tighter cannot actually get!

Various news media organizations are projecting the winner of this elections day, and no one can agree on the actually winner.

MSNBC is projecting Bush having 269 electoral votes (EV) and Kerry having 238 at last count. These numbers reflect the Ohio votes, which MSNBC and Brokaw put under the Bush column. It is worth noting that Ohio vote counts are not final. Also, Brokaw and co. have placed the 17 Michigan EV under the Kerry column.

CBSNews is projecting different numbers. Dan Rather and co. give Bush 254 EV and Kerry 242 EV. The discrepancies lie in the fact that they are counting New Hampshire for Kerry and Ohio as not decided yet.

CNN has yet different numbers. They are giving Bush 254 EV and Kerry 252 EV. The difference is the 10 EV Wisconsin has, which CNN is counting under the Kerry column.

The Washington Post agrees with CBSNews and projects Bush with 254 EV and Kerry with 242.

The Yahoo News section is also projecting 254 for Bush and 252 for Kerry. They are pretty much leaving Ohio out of any count, for now.

That is THE big question, which most likely will keep us in suspense the rest of this week. Ohio's vote count. They still need to count the so called "provisional ballots", which are ballots suspect to validation. In Ohio's case, these ballots will not be counted until 10 days after the elections. Elections officials will have to look at each ballot contested and make sure it was cast by a legally registered voter. There are already people who are predicting this will end up in the courts.

One thing is for sure, though. The Senate and the House will remain in the hands of the Republicans and it Bush wins, they will have a tremendous opportunity to remake America. During the next term, who ever wins, will have the chance to appoint five Supreme Court justices and if William Rehnquist leaves his seat, that will be one more seat that needs to be filled.

So here we go again! De'ja vu! I think, there is one thing clear coming out of all this mess. America needs to fix its systems for voting. In the mean time, we won't know who won until the issue of Ohio is settled.