October 25, 2004

The Oh, so important Florida vote.

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Ok, hear me out. Imagine you are a 60 year old woman or a 71 year old man, which ever you pick, it doesn't matter, anyone will do. You are retiree living in your nice little comfortable house somewhere in the sunshine state of Florida after a lifetime of paying your taxes to the government. Not too far away from the sea, but not too close to the alligators either. That is how you planned it. You have moved there because of the sun, the sea and the golf courses. However, 2004 was a specially hard year. You and your significant other, have had to endure four hurricanes. You barely made it. But, the important thing is that you made it. At this point in time you are thinking, that is not what I expected from Florida. Life is turning out to be a bum here. It is not as fun as I heard some of my retired friends describe it, but you continue to press on. You are not a chicken, you can make it.

Now, you have to face the next challenge. Florida is just not the paradise for retirees it used to be. One has to really work to live here, you say to yourself. Well, bring it oooooon! You realize you have to cast your vote in The US presidential elections. A race where every vote counts and that you know that your vote, yes your vote, can really make a difference. Again, you prepare, and plan to face this challenge the same way you faced those four hurricanes: with courage, conviction and hard work. On November 2, you wake up extra early to walk an extra mile. You want to be fit for the daunting task facing you. You make sure you eat a good American breakfast, with some sausages and eggs, to give you strength. You finally get to the poll station, and to your satisfaction, you see you are among the first there. There were others who were there first, but those people don't count. They're the ones who spent the night there. They're too freaky, in your opinion. Well, you get on line, get your ballot, and with a discrete look upstairs, you ask for wisdom and a steady hand. You walk inside the booth and this is what you see......(click here)

Now, how in the H---, are we supposed to vote with such shenanigans going around!

Thanks to the guys of BoomChicago.nl :-)