October 11, 2004

Hello everybody!

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I'm back from vacation, refreshed, relaxed and colored. La Costa del Sol is the place to extend your summer, if you happened to be wanting to extend your summer, right? I my case, I was trying to have a summer, since we had such a short period of good weather in Hamburg. However, I'm back and before jumping into the day to day routine, I wanted to share some photos I took from the place I was. Nerja.

This is Nerja.


The beaches are different from the ones I know from the US. For starters the sand was coarser and darker. There were also larger stones, through which one could walk and discover interesting places.....


Nerja was once a Roman settlement (not to mention a Visigoth town, a muslim town and a christian town). But, this aqueduct is not Roman, it was constructed in the middle ages.

Nerja-old aquaduct

There are many wonderful little towns around Nerja to explore, as well as a group of caves. These caves are huge, and I mean, HUGE! But, the tourist only gets to see a tiny part of them. There are special days (on the weekends generally) when more adventurous visitors can access the other caves by climbing through, following the guide.