September 01, 2004

La Papa Boliviana.....cont'd.

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Yesterday I posted an article about Bolivian potatoes in the blogzine "Living in Bolivia". This post is a continuation of that article. Rather than talk more about the virtues of Bolivian potatoes, I wanted to post some amazing pictures, of potatoes, that I found in various sources.

Papa Boliviana

The picture above shows some of the different varieties that exist. Many of them I did not know existed. It also shows, in my view, that potatoes are not as boring as some might think they are. As you can see for yourself here, they are very colorful, and come in different shapes and forms. For example, on the picture below one can see the Nojcha. This potato is the one used to measure-up if the future wife is fit to become a housewife. Looking at it, makes me think, one really has to be skilled to peel that potato so as to preserve its original shape. I know I would end up with a square looking potato.


On the next picture you can see the one that I grew up with. This potato is delicious. It goes with everything. It has a solid consistency and a very distinct flavor. It is not flowery at all, to the contrary is almost smooth.


Here are two more examples of weird looking potatoes. The purple one is starting to be used to produce potato chips of color. This potato has natural color and thus it is not necessary to add any artificial color at all.


Well, if you bared with me and actually read the two articles about Bolivian potatoes, you must be thinking, where is my diploma? Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about potatoes. That is the way I feel too. I never dreamed of ever writing an article about potatoes. But as you can see, they do have an interesting side. Especially talking about Bolivian potatoes. I always knew there were many kinds of potatoes in Bolivia. Just by being dragged by my mom to the local market to help her I could see the amazing variety. Later on during my travels in Europe -where some people don't know that potatoes are originally from Latin America and some countries hold the potato as their own- I always said that in Bolivia there were about 150 kinds of potatoes. Little that I knew that number was more like 1200.