September 23, 2004

About President Mesa.

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Mr. Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert has been gradually gaining my respect, not only through his actions, but also through his words.

I can hardly remember a more eloquent, academic looking, well versed in history and most impressive Bolivian president since I have use of my brain.

The picture I had of Mr. Mesa was of an out of touch news anchor who instead of giving the news, would give his opinion. One historian more, among the many in Bolivia who wrote about Bolivia's historic events and the ancient cultures that used to live before it. An average journalist who would have an air of intellectuality out of sinc with his real job, which was to give the news and not his opinions.

However, since he has become president of Bolivia, he has gradually been gaining my respect, not only as president, but as professional, historian and academic.

The latest piece of video which increased my respect towards him was his speech before the UN's General Assembly. But, if you want to experience the real thing, you have to listen to the Spanish version.

But, hold on a minute. Before you confuse me with a Mesa fan, I have to say, I am not one. I am still doubtful of his ability to finish the job. However, he is doing a good job, one has to give him credit.