August 01, 2004

The Real Reason Why Nader is Running for President

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Normally, politicians run for president because they think they can make the lives of all Americans better. Case in point, the other night, John Kerry, told his democratic base on the last night of the DNC along the rest of the nation on prime time TV, he was ready to serve the people of the US and he was reporting for duty.

Much in the same manner, Ralph Nader, the self described alternative presidential candidate, has asserted he too was ready to serve the American people. He said the American electoral process was dominated by the two de facto parties and that it was in desperate need of alternatives. Nader thinks of himself as just that, the alternative candidate. He often says his candidacy is just to provide a voice to those people who feel betrayed by the establishment parties.

AAA...I don't think so! I think he is joining the race to satisfy his personal need of getting attention. Look at this picture and tell me if that is not true.

(Image by AP)

Here you have it. He just wants to be begged. Can you see how much is he enjoying it?

And what is the deal with Michael Moore anyways. Is he really willing to do anything to get Bush out of the White House? Never mind, that is another issue.

As you may have noticed, no Democrat is appealing Nader to drop off the race in quite the same manner Maher and Moore are doing it here. The close it came was a televised debate between Nader and Gov. Dean on NPR's Justice Talking on July 9 of this year. (here is a link to a C-SPAN video best viewed by broad band connection and here is a link to NPR's articles.)

What the Democrats are surely doing though, is drawing a strategic response. If it were that Nader does take away votes from the Democrats and as a direct result they loose their bid to the White House, the Democrats are to change their official seal. Here is the new official seal.


I am just kidding! I just thought I liven up this race a little bit. Although, in all seriousness, it is getting really interesting. Kerry is proving to be a formidable opponent for Bush. He is slowly, but surely, doing what he has to do and he is doing it good. He is presenting himself to the voters as a human being. Apparently, many thought he was not a real human being. He is also presenting himself as tough and decisive. Most people thought he was not tough enough to lead the US in war times. And finally, he is not shying away from the "values" debate and, surprisingly, he is also willing to talk about faith. He is really reaching into Bush's territory here. He is really going for it.

It only remains to see if Bush puts up a fight or not. Most likely he will. I think we will see this time what is Bush really made of. Last time he did not have much work to do. I mean, Gore was not much of an opponent. He did not have much appeal, I'd say. This time, he really has his work cut out.

If you ask me, Bush better loose his "shadow" president and bring McCain on board as his partner. Cheney does him more bad than good.

It is shaping up to be an enthralling race. The last 90 days will be intense, not only for the candidates, but also for the voters.