August 02, 2004

Learning a Secon Language: Spangles.

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Now a days it is important to learn a second language. Here are lessons to learn Spangles from the Chortler site. See if you would like to learn this popular language. Here is an example.

Señor Donald Rumsfeld, El Greatest Secretario Of
Defense En La Historia.

This week in Spanglés we investigatamos the
careero of Señor Donald Rumsfeld, el greatest secretario of defense en la
historia de los United States.

All the peopleos of el worldo like Señor
Rumsfeld because he is muy modesto and sensitivo, just like his bosso, Señor
Jorge Bush, el greatest statesmeno in la historia.

(Only los weirdos --
como los two remaining liberalos en los United States y las personas de Old
Europa -- no likear Señor Rumsfeld.)

Because Señor Rumsfeld is muy, muy
timido, he does not like to bragar and actar muy macho in fronte de las cameras
de television if he thinks he is righto. Por example, he would never embarassar
un journalisto for asking un question stupido. On el contrario, Señor Rumsfeld
likes to considerar and valuear los opinions de others when making los

For Señor Rumsfeld, el trutho is imperativo. Thereforo, he
would never makear los accusations incredibles based on evidencia inconclusiva.

As el greatest secretario de defense en los United States, it is muy
necessario for Señor Rumsfeld to stay el courso y remainar en his job for la
peace y security of el entire worldo.

If you would like to learn more, go to this link.