August 06, 2004

Happy Birthday Bolivia!

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Today, August 6, 2004, Bolivia celebrates its 179th independence anniversary as a sovereign republic.
Congratulations Bolivia! May you continue celebrating your anniversary as a sovereign and independent democratic nation for many more years to come.


The independence movement started one July 16, 1809. While Napoleon wreaked havoc in Spain during the Peninsular War of 1808 - 1814. After a bloody and turbulent struggle with the Spanish soldiers and the local loyalists, Bolivian patriots finally gained independence for Bolivia one August 6, 1825. It took 16 years and only God knows how many lives to attain independence as a nation.

Today, after 179 years, Bolivia continues to struggle but, this time, with different foes. Poverty, corruption, underdevelopment, political instability, foreign pressures, etc., are some of Bolivia's current enemies.

This time, as before, Bolivia will prevail against these new enemies. May this new millennium, bring many good things to Bolivia.