July 07, 2004

The Veepstakes are Finally Over

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press_raleigh-edwardsJohn F. Kerry, finally, announced yesterday his choice for running mate. The title falls on freshman senator from N.C., John Edwards. This means that if the ticket Kerry/Edwards wins in November, we'll have a President and a Vice-President whose first names are "John". This will be a first time in US history, I believe.

But seriously, notwithstanding the fierce rivalry shown in the primaries, Kerry and Edwards have a lot in common. According from to a report by the AP, there is not much of a difference between the positions of the two former rivals. Both Kerry and Edwards advocate for ambitious health care plans, education programs, and raise taxes to the rich. Some differences highlighted were, on trade, and the death penalty.

All in all, the Kerry camp hopes to benefit from Edwards' talents for campaigning. Edwards has been seen as a bright rising star within the Democratic party. His nonchalant charismatic persona attracted voters, especially from the south, where Edwards is from. But there is one small doubt about Kerry's choice. That is Edwards' relative inexperience. Can the Kerry/Edwards ticket overcome doubts about Edwards' inexperience? Especially, when there were seemingly more qualified (certainly with more experience) people like Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri or Senator Bob Graham of Florida.

The Kerry camp seem to be sure Edwards will prove his critics wrong once the campaign enters its final phase. This pick has certainly made the race more interesting. The major question is, whether Edwards will be able to deliver the south for Kerry. That south which is so elusive for a New England liberal democrat like Kerry.