July 21, 2004

De la Cruz's Counter Argument

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Apparently, de la Curz's counter argument about the deciding victory of the Si vote in last Sunday's referendum is already formulated.

Roberto de la Cruz, the self described radical "but democratic" COR-El Alto leader, who is at the head of the anti-referendum and boycott movement described his (as he calls it) set back as part of a psychological war against the government. But, he is ready to add that the worst is yet to come. He argues that around 60% of the population was indeed against the referendum. Under this number he includes the absentee votes (40%) plus the blank (10%) and void votes (12%). Although it is worth noting that the official results are still being computed by the CNE. His numbers are based on press reports and projections. He also argues it will be very difficult for the Mesa administration to pass and implement a new Hydrocarbons law because the people who voted for the Si are actually the minority. De la Cruz is not giving up easily.