July 11, 2004

Bolivian Headlines

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Bolivian Justice (El Diario)

Yerko Kukoc, the former Government Minister during the Sanchez de Lozada administration, who was processed for illegally appropriating state funds, was sentenced, after his confession, to two years of house arrest; fined Bolivianos 1200 (US$151.13) and charged Bolivianos 300 (US$ 38) for legal costs.

Bolivia Opens the Doors to Participative Democracy (El Diario)

After the promulgation of the law Agrupaciones Ciudadanas y Pueblos Indi­genas (Civic Groups and Indigenous People) by the Bolivian President Carlos Mesa, the monopoly of the political parties has come to an end. An important aspect of this law allows independent candidates to participate, without party affiliation, in national or municipal elections.

Huari Challenged Mesa and Decided to Take Arms (Los Tiempos)

The town of Huari, located 140 km (87 mi.) south of Oruro city, decided in a general open meeting, to take up arms in defense of its territory, which is in dispute with the neighboring province, Eduardo Abaroa.

Wrong Decision Will Discredit Bolivia (Opinion)

President Carlos Mesa said yesterday that a wrong decision over the Gas' destiny will detract Bolivia's credibility in the eyes of international creditors. This will result on even fewer opportunities for development.

Bolivia Lost 1-0 and Colombia advances to Copa America's Quarter Finals

A head score over the last minutes of the game between Bolivia and defending champions Colombia, buried Bolivia's aspirations to reach the quarter finals of Copa America Peru.