July 09, 2004

Bill Clinton: Never Ceases to Amuse

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For just a little while I entertained the thought of actually buying Bill Clinton's bio, "My Life". Of course, I was mainly interested on the details of his private life and his affair with you know who. NOT! NOT! NOT! I got enough of listening about "that woman" (to quote Clinton) during the whole impeachment affair.

But seriously, I thought the book would be worth a read for two main reasons. First, and foremost, it is after all, history. The man got to experience what is it like to be the most powerful man in the world. He was very close to start a serious attempt to end the conflict in the Middle East. He presided, al least in the eyes of the many, over the longest economic expansion in US history. He actually managed to erase the massive US Budget Deficit (although a deficit is not necessarily a bad thing) and moreover, turn it into another massive surplus. But the most impressive feat he achieved was to avoid being impeached and actually stay all 8 years of his terms. He stayed in office even though he lied, cheated and gratified himself and all within the walls of the Oval Office. Now that is impressive!

And the other reason I thought the book would be worth reading is because Clinton actually wrote it himself. He really sat down; picked the pen up and wrote, by hand, on note books. I would say that alone would entice me to pick up the book. After all, when one writes a letter by hand, it becomes so personal and many interesting aspects of one's personality come out.

But the real reason for this post is not to ramble on about Bill Clinton. God knows the world doesn't need another rambler on the topic. It is to place this link to a funny review by Slate on Clinton's book.