June 23, 2004

Washington politicians crown the "new messiah"

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That's right, you read it correctly. A group of Washington politicians (from both sides of the isle) took time from their busy schedules to support the coronation of the leader of the Unification Church and owner of the Washington Times, Rev. Moon, as the new messiah.

I would not have believed it, had I not read it in the Post and MSNBC, as well as other journalistic blogs, and seen it with my own eyes on video and pictures. I post here some pictures and links to the sources, so you amuse yourselves with this ridiculous story and sorry display of complete lack of judgment from the part of the US Congress.

moons coronation2

moons coronation1


Here are some links where you can read to your heart's content.

The MSNBC article is here.
This website is devoted to this topic.
Here is the Washington Times version of the event.
This is the Hill's version.
From this page you can link to see the movie.
This site tells how many children Moon has. Wow! He is a busy man.