May 18, 2004

Face lift!

MABB is a registered TM.

Hi, with the introduction of Blogger's new look and interface, I have tried to give a face-lift to my blog. Of course, as with everything new one tries, there are good things and bad things to consider.

The good thing about the face-lift is that the blog looks spiffy. That is, it has cool colors and the format enhances the look. A new feature is the links to previous posts. This way, one can take a look at recent posts and go directly to the one that sounds more interesting. Another good thing is the new comments feature. Before this upgrade, Blogger did not support comments. What I did was to use a free comments service called Haloscan. However, now Blogger does support comments, but I just don't know how it will work. I'll just try it out for a while.

The bad side of the face-lift is that, as a result of it, I lost all the additions to the blog I previously made. In addition to loosing all my links, ability to syndicate and blogroll lists, I lost all the comments I had. With that, I also lost the ability to trackback. Well, now I will just have to do it all over again. It is not that much. One good thing is that the use of the images are left intact. I don't know why, I still have to figure that out!

All in all, I think these changes will enhance the experience and will be for the better.