May 14, 2004

Back from vacation

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Today, I get online, go to Blogger and, all of the sudden, I find myself in a completely strange and new environment.

Turns out that, Blogger has a new face. The people at Blogger have been working hard on revamping their site and adding all this new things that enhance the utility of the site. I have to compliment the people at It looks very nice! Although, I still have to read about what is new, the little that I saw was enough to get me eager to start.........

Well, now that I am back from vacation (Poland, for those of you who have to know!), I thought I start with a little humor. These are two images I found in the internet that inject a little, yes! "humor", into American politics. Of course, the photos are doctored. Unfortunately I don't know who the author(s) is(are).


This one is a favorite among the Democrats.


This one is a favorite among the Republicans.

These photos are somewhat light, in comparison to the cartoons, videos, photos and other media posted on the websites of the two parties. You can visit these sites by clicking on any link under the heading: US Political sites, on the left.

Well, chuckle away!